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To have Healthy food recipes is very important in today’s busy life. We are left behind in the matter of healthy food that we should take every day. Meal preparation is, however, a big deal given the hectic schedule if you are a working professional. Nigeria is blessed with many types of basic staple foods like: peanuts, yams, cassava, fish, rice, okra, bananas, corn, millet, palm nuts and many more. You can cook up a great meal using healthy Nigerian recipes offered by ‘For Food Only’.

We offer a range of All Nigerian Healthy food recipes at our site from Fish Stew (Obe Eja) to Okro soup (4 litres) to ease your food preparation task. Nigerians love to cook with a lot of healthy ingredients and we offer just that. Apart from this, we are very particular about the taste factor in all our Healthy food recipes. For this reason, we offer easy-to-prepare Nigerian food recipes for locals to help you eat healthy and stay healthy despite the lack of time. In every aspect, our Nigerian recipes are not only healthy but tailored to cook quickly and save time. It is generally said that when you start consuming Nigerian food, it automatically adds to your health factor given the freshness and potency of ingredients and produce used. The results are a positive outlook and quality living benefits.

Nigerian Food Recipes

Nigerian recipes are indeed healthy and tasty too. But when we hear the words ‘healthy food’, we often picture a boring meal that ruins our mood. But the truth is different. At For Food Only, a prominent online food store in Nigeria, you can enjoy a combo of healthy and tasty food recipes. With Nigerian food recipes you enjoy health and quick-preparation aspects, which benefits wellness and save time too. Our All Nigerian Healthy food recipes are not monotonous and boring. They are packed with the wholesome goodness of greens, meats and veggies. You can have these delivered at your doorstep within 24 hours. We give you reasons to enjoy All Nigerian healthy food every day to maintain overall wellness, especially for those stressed out with daily work and chores.

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