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Dairy & Eggs

Dairy & Eggs

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It's a good day to love dairy. We've a whole new range of hand rolled butter, creamy yoghurts and organic milk. They're so good we put our name on them.


  • Milk
    <div class="co8aDb"><b>According to the National Dairy Council, milk is filled with nine essential <b>nutrients</b> that benefit our health:</b></div> <div class="RqBzHd"> <ul class="i8Z77e"><li class="TrT0Xe"><b>Calcium</b>: Builds healthy <b>bones</b> and teeth; maintains bone mass.</li> <li class="TrT0Xe"><b>Protein</b>: Serves as a source of <b>energy</b>; builds/repairs muscle tissue.</li> <li class="TrT0Xe"><b>Potassium</b>: Helps maintain a healthy <b>blood pressure</b></li> </ul></div>
  • Eggs
    <p><span>Eggs are a very good source of inexpensive, high quality </span><b>protein</b><span>. More than half the </span><b>protein</b><span> of an egg is found in the egg white along with </span><b>vitamin B2</b><span> and </span><b>lower</b><span> amounts of </span><b>fat</b><span> and </span><b>cholesterol</b><span> than the yolk. The whites are rich sources of </span><b>selenium</b><span>, vitamin D, B6, B12 and </span><b>minerals</b><span> such as </span><b>zinc</b><span>, </span><b>iron</b><span> and </span><b>copper</b><span>.</span></p>
  • Yoghurt
    <div class="co8aDb"><b>7 science-based <b>health benefits</b> of natural yogurt.</b></div> <div class="RqBzHd"> <ul class="i8Z77e"><li class="TrT0Xe">It's Rich in Important <b>Nutrients</b>. ...</li> <li class="TrT0Xe">It's High in <b>Protein</b>. ...</li> <li class="TrT0Xe">Some Varieties May Benefit <b>Digestive Health</b>. ...</li> <li class="TrT0Xe">It May Strengthen Your <b>Immune System</b>. ...</li> <li class="TrT0Xe">It May Protect Against <b>Osteoporosis</b>. ...</li> <li class="TrT0Xe">It May Benefit <b>Heart Health</b>. ...</li> <li class="TrT0Xe">It May Promote <b>Weight Management</b>.</li> </ul></div>
  • Butter & Spreads
    <div class="co8aDb"><b>Here are 7 reasons why butter may be good for your health in moderate amounts.</b></div> <div class="RqBzHd"> <ul class="i8Z77e"><li class="TrT0Xe">Butter is Rich in <b>Fat</b>-Soluble <b>Vitamins</b>. ...</li> <li class="TrT0Xe">Butter Contains a Lot of Healthy Saturated Fats. ...</li> <li class="TrT0Xe">Butter Lowers Heart Attack Risk Compared to Margarine. ...</li> <li class="TrT0Xe">Butter is a Good Source of The Fatty Acid Butyrate. ...</li> <li class="TrT0Xe">Butter is Rich in Conjugated Linoleic Acid.</li> </ul></div>
  • Cheese
    <p><b>Calcium</b><span>, </span><b>Protein</b><span> and More. Like all dairy foods, cheese provides </span><b>calcium</b><span> and</span><b>protein</b><span>, as well as some </span><b>vitamin A</b><span>, B12, </span><b>riboflavin</b><span>, </span><b>zinc</b><span> and </span><b>phosphorus</b><span>. And it's a source of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a </span><b>fat</b><span> that may have </span><b>anti</b><span>-</span><b>cancer</b><span>,</span><b>weight</b><span>-reducing, and </span><b>heart</b><span>-protective effects.</span></p>
  • Cream
    <p><span>Besides the lighter cream options, all creams made from milk contain </span><b>nutrients</b><span> like </span><b>calcium</b><span>, </span><b>riboflavin</b><span>, </span><b>vitamin A</b><span> and </span><b>phosphorus</b><span>. Much of the </span><b>fat</b><span> found in cream comes from saturated </span><b>fat</b><span>. Numerous studies have linked too much saturated </span><b>fat</b><span> with an increased risk of high </span><b>cholesterol</b><span>.</span></p>

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